About Us...

1954 Our company which passes faliyete in her year, Bayrampasa her professional personal which takes 1200m2 closed and hammadde elastic at the high quantity her embroidered capacity and oldest one. Özen İş Plastik; Kitchen furnitures, house equipment, industry products and packing material and a food the pots and garden products to the newest technology an owner a machine and her pattern racecourse experienced and professional With the personal in 60 an ultra period service to our people.

     We are putting our best effort to offer you the highest quality. We do this by a production that will bring our company to a privileged position, an increased investment for renovation and the best service we can give. With quality and favorable prices, Özen-İş Plastic has secured a position in the market for years. We are at your service with Flowerpot, washbowl, bucket and other type of plastics at our İstoç Central Branch.

     With the belief that we get our power from you, we introduce you with quality and higher technology in the sector.

     In the plastics industry 60 year we are celebrating...

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